Who We Are | Feroze1888 Mills Limited
Who We Are – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

About Us

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of specialised Yarn & Textile products not only in Pakistan but across the globe. The company began its journey in 1970s, with each passing year adding immense value and progression, aligning and integrating seamlessly with the innovative advancements & globalization, becoming an emblem of Excellent Execution Every time. Being partnered with 1888 Mills (USA), we are recognised as a Progressive and Global manufacturer of quality textiles for Home, Hospitality & Healthcare.

With state of the art machinery & set up, strong systems and procedures, exceptionally proficient and skilled human capital, we ensure high standards and deliver excellence in all what we do. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified which corroborates our commitment towards quality in all aspects thus making us reliable for our customers and stakeholders, all around the world.

As an employer we believe that our people are not only our biggest asset; they are also our greatest investment into our future, fundamental to our long term growth and success. Consequently, we go the extra mile in equipping them with the skills necessary for their professional growth, rewarding them for outstanding performance and providing them with a world class environment to deliver their very best.


Feroze1888 lives by the motto of 3Ps: People, Planet and Prosperity. We believe in prosperity for all. Following a Triple Bottom Line method, we thrive to lead the market with our innovative and customer friendly products, creating a safe work environment and contributing in the economy with exports and career opportunities for our fellow citizens.


Our aim is to be a market leader in textile manufacturing with our strong commitment to 3 Ps (People – Planet – Prosperity). We will prosper by creating unmatchable value for our global customers and stakeholders through our exceptional quality products and services.


We are a leading vertically integrated industry known for its state of the art machinery, infrastructure, standardized systems, production processes and adopting the ideology of 3 Ps (People – Planet - Prosperity). We are committed to the ongoing learning, development & growth of our valued employees. Our focus is on building an environment of prosperity and gratification for all our customers and stakeholders through our operational excellence and solution based innovations.

Core Value

Human resource is considered a valuable asset to the company therefore, personal and professional growth is encouraged and enhanced. A happy workforce leads to happy customers.

A healthy relationship with customers, employees, vendors and the overall community is maintained. Everything is to be dealt with utmost respect and dignity.

The work, actions and all the interactions by and between our people are owned by the company and it will stay accountable.

A strong will to succeed is always present within all our spheres of work.

Nothing is left for later and is vigilantly dealt with by our active team of employees, systems and procedures.

We believe self-reliance, efficiency and integrity leads to satisfying the customers.

The workforce we have is trustworthy and our quality remains consistent.