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Internship – Feroze1888 Mills Limited


If you are young and enthusiastic about learning, there is a possible chance for you to become a part of Feroze1888. With experienced professionals, you will be mentored to discover what you are capable of. Opportunities to all interns are provided to contribute and become a part of the company. An internship program at Feroze1888 will immerse you in a culture where real responsibilities will be assigned to you. This experience will give you exposure to discover your talents and polish your skills.

I would say that Feroze1888 stands out in term of respect and truly follows their “PROSPER” core value. Anyone who wants to have an internship experience here should definitely go for it.

The overall ambiance was good, internship buddy and head were co-operative. The work environment was good, work friendly and non-discriminating. Learnt a lot of new things and got the confidence of decision making. Enjoyed working with such a great team.

All over staff was too helping, from the day first to the last day. Every new day, I learnt something new.

Starting from the on-boarding process to the last day, everything was fantastic.

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