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Diversity and Inclusion – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

Buy Soma Generic

Diversity of our products is the true reflection of our acceptance towards diversity of mankind. We feel pride on recognizing, understanding and accepting talent irrespective of their race, gender, age, class, ethnicity and physical ability

Fair and Inclusive Workplace

We ensure to make our company a dream workplace in which everyone wants to work, live and thrive.

Race/Ethnicity Diversity

We strive to build a team that is racially representative of our country’s population. We work to provide an environment that is safe, equitable, supportive, and free of harassment or discrimination.

Gender Diversity

We seek equal gender representation at all levels of the organization, especially in leadership roles. We work to provide an environment that is supportive, safe, respectful, and free of harassment.

Socioeconomic Status

We breathe equity and seek team members from all levels of the socioeconomic spectrum. We do not screen applications based on perceived institutional prestige and so build a fair unbiased diversified talent pool.

Featured Stories

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