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Ms. Huma Pasha, FCA, CIA, CRMA & CICA – Independent Director – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

Buy Zolpidem Online Cheap India

Ms. Huma brings with her over 35 years of local and international working experience for various national and global institutions including Citibank, Hub Power Company, and Dawood Hercules group in several management capacities and earned a wide range of experience in the power and fertilizer sector. At HUBCO, she headed internal audit function for over 20 years. After leaving HUBCO she was associated with Dawood Hercules group for almost three years as group Chief Internal Auditor. In 2015, she joined Usmani & Co. as Audit Partner. She is highly passionate for training services and more frequently indulge herself in various trainings for firm’s clients as well as for highly reputed professional institutions of Pakistan on directors training, Board performance evaluation, Internal Audit, and sustainable business propositions.

Huma has served on the Audit Committee of the State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation and carried out quality control review of State Bank of Pakistan’s internal audit functions and served on the Quality Assurance Board of ICAP. Other significant positions held were on the Board of Institute of Internal Auditors International USA, President of IIA Karachi Chapter, and President of ISACA Karachi Chapters. Huma has also served as a Chairperson of Workstream Automation Ltd. a software firm.

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