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Mr. Zain Ashraf Mukaty- Non-Executive Director – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

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Mr. Zain Ashraf Mukaty graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, with a dual degree in Economics and Engineering as part of the exclusive Management and Technology Program. He worked at Cornerstone Research in New York as a Financial Litigation Consultant before moving back to Pakistan to join Liberty Group.

Zain has been an integral part of the new venture development team at Liberty Group. He has a multifaceted role and is involved in various new projects that diversified Liberty Group portfolio. He is leading the development of two 50 MW wind power projects, Liberty Wind Power 1 & 2, as the Executive Director. He is also the Director of Liberty Mills Limited and Pakistan Aluminum Beverage Can Limited.

In addition, Zain is the Chief Executive Officer at Oncogen Pharma (Private) Limited, developing the first cancer drugs manufacturing facility in Pakistan. His key role in the company is highly enterprising, focusing on successful project execution, system development and revenue growth.

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