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Buy Generic Diazepam Uk
History – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

Weaving unit 1972

Laying the foundation of Feroze1888 Mills Limited with the inauguration of Weaving Unit

Weaving unit 1972

Stitching Unit 1980

A Stitch in time saves nine- Inauguration of Stitching Unit

Spinning Unit 1985

Whirling the Fabulous Quality of Yarn with the inauguration of Spinning Unit at Hub Location

Spinning Unit 1985

Dyeing & Processing Unit 1996

Inducing the Colors of Life to the Fabric- Opening of Dyeing & Processing Unit

Warehouse 2006

Preserving the Eminence of Cotton- Laying the foundation of large warehousing facility

Warehouse 2006

Merger of Feroze Textile and Friendship Textile 2007

Sky is the limit- Merger of Feroze Textile Industries & Friendship Textile Mills to expand & create excellence

Waste Water Treatment Plant 2008

Reflecting our strong belief in playing our role to save Environment

Waste Water Treatment Plant 2008

Fiber Dyeing Facility 2008

Setting an example in Terry Textile Sector with the inauguration of Fiber Dyeing Facility

Acquisition of Naqshbandi Industries Limited 2009

Expanding the business- Acquired Naqshbandi Industries

Acquisition of Naqshbandi Industries Limited 2009

Nakshbandi's name changed to Feroze1888 2010

Expanding the Horizons- Conversion of Nakshbandi into Feroze1888

Merger of Feroze Textile Industries & Feroze1888 2012

Unification of business acumen- Merger of Feroze Textile Industries & Feroze1888

Merger of Feroze Textile Industries & Feroze1888 2012

Printing Facility 2014

Adding Value, Creativity & Vivacity in our products- Set up of Printing Facility

Water Reclaim Plant 2016

A Promise to Sustainability & Better Environment- Waste Water is recycled & reused in our processes

Water Reclaim Plant 2016

Embroidery 2017

To augment product range installed embroidery setup

Packaging 2018

Inauguration of fully automated Corrugated Carton manufacturing plant & other packaging accessories

Packaging 2018

Buy Xanax In Uk