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Friday, September 19, 2014

Female Sports Day 2014

Feroze1888 planned a day of indoor games for female employees. This year marks the first celebration of Female Sports Day, an event arranged by Recreational Team on 19th Sep, 2014. Experiencing a day with colleagues, fresh minds, high confidence, tricky moves, good shots and celebration of victory was exceptional for the female employees.  The event was premeditated with a mingling theme by providing equal facility and bringing employees together.

The Female Sports day kicked off with the games of Table TennisCheckers and Carom by close interdepartmental teams which showed their true prowess. Carom area was fun centric while tricky move on the checker board was the best happening of the event. Indeed, Table Tennis was the one in which female have proved that they can achieve when they seriously wanted to get. 

Shield, cash prizes and certificates were awarded to the top rankers as an acknowledgement. 

Female Sports Day 2014