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Mr. Abdul Rehman Yaqub- Non-Executive Director – Feroze1888 Mills Limited

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Mr. Abdul Rehman Yaqub after completing his education in the US entered into textile industry almost 35 years back. Starting out as a young businessman with a strong work ethic, he started sales and distribution textile company named as Eastern Imports Ltd. Within few years, he expanded the operation by acquiring manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. While his company was growing internationally, he worked on expanding his US operations by merging with another niche textile company to become Eastern-Shelnor, Inc. (ESN). From the success and growth of ESN another merger came into play with him leading the way. ESN merged with a textile manufacturer and became 1888 Mills, LLC with manufacturing capabilities in the US.

Over the years, he has utilized his many years of knowledge and understanding of the global textile market to be the visionary of the Company. His unique ability to bring together people of diverse cultures and backgrounds has enabled 1888 Mills US to be one of the pioneers of global textile production, with mills in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana and the United States. Today Mr. Yaqub is seen as a predominant global business leader.

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