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Feroze Social Responsibility Squad

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Keeping up with the spirit & ideology of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a platform by the name of Feroze Social Responsibility Squad (FSRS) was formulated in August 2008. The purpose of establishing this squad was to plan different events for the benefit of extended family members and also serve society in multiple ways. Being a multifaceted platform we have reached out to our employees and their families by conducting events like Health Mela in which non-management staff and their families were given free medical treatment and advice; FSRS is providing financial support in medical urgencies and in meeting educational expense of employees’ children.  Squad further plays an important role in stretching assistance to others in times of natural calamities and emergencies. Employees in their own capacity can donate in this fund and to ensure that their trust is maintained a strict accountability check is enforced while utilizing these funds.