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Health & Safety

Fostering a positive safety culture

Feroze1888 fully accepts its responsibilities towards Health and Safety. We believe that sustainable success can be accomplished only through people. No other asset in the company is as essential as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Focus attention on Sustainability & OH&S programs.

Ensure continual improvement of HSE management system to minimize HSE issues resulting from our activities.

Reduce wastages & prevent pollution, Injury & ill health.

Operate HSE management system in compliance with applicable legal & other HSE requirements.

Zero accident / incident rate through training / awareness on safe operations.

Establish & review objectives & targets at relevant functions & levels.

Our Commitment


We are committed to provide responsible care to all our employees and workers, to protect their lives by minimizing exposure to chemicals, biological, or physical factors, ensuring well-being at work, and provide a high standard of health and safety.

We have achieved OHSAS 18001:2007 certification with all its requirements. Our Health and safety section is established with a view to improve awareness amongst employees regarding health & safety. It has developed training over the last five years, trained members of extended family and improving competency and skills by sustained health & safety awareness sessions, training drills, safety review meetings, internal auditing and general communication.

Employee safety at Workplace - our first priority


When it comes to occupational safety, Feroze1888's goal is to reduce the occurrence of repetitive workplace accidents to the lowest possible level. We are preventing injuries and ill health to personnel affected by our activities through a proactive system of Risk Management. We are more concerned with recognizing, identifying and eliminating risks with the proper use of engineering and administrative controls i.e. load testing of lifting equipments, provision of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), Safety conscious machines with the latest high end technologies and so on.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind


Feroze1888 establishes emergency and contingency plans to deal with residual risks and ensures that all members of the extended family are fully aware of the emergency procedures and response plans that includes EEPs (Emergency Evacuation Plan), use of Fire extinguishers, Fire hydrants and so on, for which our fire fighting teams are trained and well aware of procedures being followed during times of such contingencies. The site is equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency exits with an assembly area as well.

Health is Wealth


Feroze1888 facilitates its employees and workers with MAC (Medical Assistance Clinic) facility in which experienced doctor and medicines are available to assist and improve their health. Besides this, first aid teams are also available to respond rapidly to unexpected event.

Global health awareness days are celebrated by Feroze1888 and on these occasions awareness sessions are conducted to enhance employees’ awareness. Apart from all this, provision of clean water for drinking and hygienic food has always been our prime objective.

Hence, our Occupational Health and Safety system is based on the concept of continuous improvement. We constantly strive to improve our performance by designing and adapting processes, work practices and systems in the direction of better health, ergonomics and greater safety