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Green Company

Ensuring that our company operates in an environmental-friendly way, the Environmental Management System is certified by SGS for compliance with ISO 14001 requirements.

We make every effort to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste (3R), minimize natural resource consumption & treat any harmful emissions before they are released to minimize environmental footprint.

Brief overview of our Environmental responsibility.

Water Usage & Disposal

A drop of water saved today shall save our future 


One area that we have paid consistent attention – regardless of how intense the economic climate is – is in the area of sustainable development in water management. Although, textile manufacturing requires a great deal of water, not only to grow or produce the raw fiber, but also to process it such as dyeing and finishing where large quantities of water is consumed. But at Feroze1888 we believe that a drop of water we save today will save our future and with this thought we continue to strive for the opportunities in our operations that will significantly reduce the water consumption. We are achieving this goal by using state-of-art machinery as well as by adopting proper water management system. The decreasing trend of water consumption in all major areas is showing our efforts towards this objective.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Yes we are passing clean to the community 


We continue to make excellent progress in managing waste water released as a result of processing activities. In order to operate in an environmental friendly way, we have installed an Effluent Treatment Plant which has enabled us to meet with all regulatory and statutory requirements. Thus, we are passing the purity to the community and for our future generations to survive in a better global environment.

Solid Waste


We have a comprehensive system for reduction, collection, segregation, reuse and disposal of our solid waste. Most of waste generated is reused, recycled or sold for recycling. Some of our waste is hazardous in nature (such as waste water treatment sludge), any such waste is handed to CDGK (Local Municipality) approved waste disposal contractor for hazardous waste.

Gaseous Emission


Our processes are energy intensive and electricity & steam are two major elements. We have CHP systems at all our locations that deliver Heat, Power and Cooling at maximum efficiency. Air emissions are checked at regular interval for suitability to be released to environment.

We continuously work out feasibility of new technologies for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability and apply them as soon as they are workable. Throughout plant we have waste heat recovery systems, energy efficiency replacements, VFD controls, and monitoring systems to ensure performance. Various trainings related to Sustainability & Energy Efficiency are conducted to promote awareness and to develop in-house capability to avail current opportunities and overcome future challenges.

Our processes have no significant gaseous emissions; however, indoor air quality tests are performed regularly. We encourage sharing our successes with others.