Code of Conduct


    Avoid any conflict (or even the perception of a potential conflict) between his or her personal, social, financial or political interests and the advancement of the Company’s business interests or the interests of its customers.


    Always act on behalf of the Company in ways that enhance the Company’s reputation, integrity and its brand name.

    Breach of Confidentiality:

    Confidential information relating to a customer or a supplier must never be disclosed to a third party except pursuant to applicable laws or regulations, or a court order or other legal process, or after the informed consent of the customer or supplier in writing.

    Likewise, proprietary Feroze1888 information (confidential information about Feroze1888’s business or business development plans, products and services, marketing methods, technology or systems) should never be disclosed to a third party except pursuant to a statute or regulation, or a valid court order.

    For the above purposes, “confidential information” is non-public information about Feroze1888 or a customer or supplier that would be useful to a competitor or important to an investor in deciding whether to purchase, hold or sell any shares of a customer or supplier of Feroze1888, as applicable.

    Inducements and Related Matters:

    A Director shall not:

    • Solicit or accept any advantage as an inducement or reward for doing or intending to commit any act in relation to Feroze1888’s affairs or business.
    • Show or intend to show favor or disfavor to any person in relation to Feroze1888’s affairs or business.
    • Intend to deceive Feroze1888 by using any receipt, account or other document which is false or erroneous or defective in any way, and which to his / her knowledge is intended to mislead the Company.

    Fraud, Theft or Illegal Activities:

    Directors shall be alert and vigilant with respect to frauds, thefts or significant illegal activity committed within the Feroze1888. If any such activity comes to the attention of a Director, it must immediately be reported to the Chief Executive Officer and/or General Manager, HR & Admin and/or DGM Central HR who will arrange for appropriate follow-up action to be taken.

    Other Corporate Ethical Policies:

    Some other important corporate ethical policies and requirements:

    • If a Director wishes to become officially involved with any outside corporation or other organization as director, trustee, officer of advisor, the Director must inform the Board of Directors.
    • Directors shall in respect of their responsibilities and obligations as Directors, adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and directives of regulatory and tax authorities, including the Companies Act, 2017 , Securities Act, 2015 and Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
    • Compliance with ethical standards and laws, regulations and directives of regulatory and tax authorities is an important element of obligations as a Director of Feroze1888 to our customers/shareholders, the general public and other Directors/Staff. It is essential to our success that we take compliance seriously. Each Director of Feroze1888 should think of compliance as a personal responsibility and should expect to be held accountable for all compliance-related activities.