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Social Accountability

Feroze1888 Mills Ltd. is highly committed to the ideology of 3Ps and safeguards the interest of our people & planet ensuring prosperity for all. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for all our endeavors and fulfill all our responsibilities to the utmost towards social accountability. The International Certifications is a testimony of our integrity, making us stand tall and reliable in the field of terry products.

Social Accountability Policy

At Feroze1888 Mills Limited, we are committed to:

  1. Achieve excellence in every aspect of our business;
  2. Ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations;
  3. Respect for the rights of all individuals
  4. Care for the environment;
  5. Ensure that the requirements as defined in the standard SA 8000 and other social requirements identified by the customers are fully met;
  6. Comply with applicable laws, international regulations and conventions;
  7. Strive to achieve conformity to these requirements through continually improved and effective systems.

We expect the same commitments to be demonstrated by all suppliers/subcontractors of Feroze1888. We believe in social compliance standards and have developed codes of conduct to specify the fair and safe conditions under which products are to be manufactured and delivered.

The top-management of Feroze1888 is committed to comply with this code of conduct and ensuring that this social compliance policy and its objectives will be made available to any interested party upon request.